Outside of UUMC Community Events

Se Hace Camino Al Andar Pre-Action Social and Prop-making Event


Join Worker’s Defense Project in support of “Action in Austin: Path to Citizenship Leads Through Rep. McCaul’s Front Door,” Thursday, August 29th at  5604 Manor Rd for information and prop-making.

On Sept. 4th, residents of Rep. Mike McCaul’s (R-Austin) district and Austin-area immigrant rights supporters will literally walk the “pathway to citizenship” from the street to his office. McCaul is the chair of the Homeland Security Committee, and in recent weeks has expressed confusion about the path forward for immigration reform. He has a clear choice: He can stand with 11 million immigrants and their families on the path to…citizenship, or close the door on their aspirations. The pathway to citizenship — which will create opportunities for real community safety — runs through his office door. On Sept. 4th we will give him the opportunity to demonstrate his leadership by gathering to construct an actual “pathway” at 9009 Mountain Ridge Drive.

Come find out how you can get involved at this pivotal time for the immigrant rights movement! Refreshments will be provided, as will supplies for prop-making.

Sponsored by: Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition, Austin MoveOn Council, Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera, University Leadership Initiative, and Workers Defense Project



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