Keep Austin Affordable, Outside of UUMC Community Events

Ribbon Cutting for Affordable Sustainable Housing in Austin

maryandhelenThis morning folks (including our own Mary Long & Helen Harkreader) gathered from all over Austin to attend the Ribbon Cutting ceremony for the new Guadalupe-Saldana Net Zero Subdivision. These beautiful housing units are just eight of a potential 120 homes to be available in the neighborhood all serving extremely-low to low-income families.

The homes are gorgeous and even have a zero net energy consumption which basically means their fancy solar panels on the roof will create more energy than the families will use. It’s a five star energy efficient building on all fronts according to Austin Energy.

Four of these eight units (fully furnished, two bed, two bath) will be used for members of the Jeremiah Program which offers a holistic approach to helping single mothers and their children create a new and empowered path for themselves.   You can read more about the Jeremiah Program at


These beautiful units were successfully built thanks to the 2006 housing bonds that the citizens of Austin voted for. In fact, these units were one of the last projects to receive funding before the money ran out. A vote for new $65 million in bonds for affordable sustainable housing projects will take place on November 5th.

We were privileged to hear the personal testimony of one of the young women who will be moving into one of these units. Her story is powerful and she is eager to give her three year old girl a chance to thrive in a place they can call their own. If only we could hear the stories of all the people these sorts of units assist, it would be hard to imagine how our city could refuse to invest more into these fantastic projects.

Click here for more information on how UUMC is involved in the Keep Austin Affordable campaign.



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