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Psalms of Lament: Honoring Trayvon Martin


Participants of Monday Night Bible Study, a class at Wesley United Methodist Church, comprised of  members from Simpson, University, and Wesley United Methodist Churches, were so moved by the events surrounding the killing of Trayvon Martin and the trial of George Zimmerman that they could not keep silent.  A number of classes were dedicated to not only openly discussing feelings about the injustice witnessed therein, but also to identifying  appropriate ways to respond to this situation as a people of God.  One agreed-upon action was to break the silence by writing and publishing laments that honor Trayvon Martin as well as make an appeal for God’s power and compassionate love to be brought to bear on this and similar situations.   The Laments in Psalms of Lament: Honoring Trayvon Martin are the resolute response of the members of the Monday Night Bible Study Class to break their silence.

These Laments are also an urgent appeal to other churches to not remain silent but to be in the forefront of the dialogue confronting the sin of racism…to work intentionally and publicly to eradicate it.    We invite all religious communities to not only join us in mourning, also join us in speaking out against the perversion of justice in the case of Trayvon Martin and all the other young African American men who have suffered from this biased  misrepresentation  of justice.  Ours must be the voice demanding that ethical and moral standards be applied to situations such as this one.  We must not remain silent but must blend our voices with all those who are speaking out against the injustice that is destroying lives, families and communities.

Please click the link to access the booklet of laments: Psalm of Lament_Incld Cover_CORRECTED



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