Keep Austin Affordable

It’s time to Keep Austin Affordable

UUMC has hosted 11 phone banks (totaling over 10,000 phone calls), hosted 8 tables for college student outreach & voter registration (with delicious cookies to draw them in), raised over $4,500 in contributions and there’s still time to do more! We are in the last push as early voting is in session and the big election day approaches. Opportunities to get involved below:

Get Out The Vote
Below there is a list of the dates as well as the shift times for the upcoming GOTV push. These event shift times are EXTREMELY flexible. A representative will be at the location (St. Davids
Luteran Church on the corner of 16th and Rio Grande) all day between and during the shift times so if anyone just wants to stop by they are welcome to. Phone banking and canvassing will both be occurring during each shift. Volunteers may choose to do one or the other.

Saturday, Nov 2nd
Shift 1: 10am-Noon
Shift 2: 11am-2pm
Shift 3: 1pm-4pm
Shift 4: 3pm-6pm

Sunday, Nov 3rd
Shift 1: 11am-2pm
Shift 2: 1pm-4pm
Shift 3: 3pm-6pm
Shift 4: 5pm-8pm

Monday, Nov 4
Shift 1: 9am-Noon
Shift 2: 11am-2pm
Shift 3: 1pm-4pm
Shift 4: 3pm-6pm
Shift 5: 4pm-7pm
Shift 6: 5pm-8pm

Tuesday, Nov 5
Shift 1: 9am-Noon
Shift 2: 11am-2pm
Shift 3: 1pm-4pm
Shift 4: 3pm-6pm
Shift 5: 5pm-7pm

Saturday Block Walk:
On Saturday we will be meeting at the Littlefield Fountain at 10:00 am. We
are trying to make this a big media event, really get some good visuals of
our campaigns presence on campus.

Early voting from Monday, Oct 21-Nov 1. For more information on where you can vote, visit Travis County Clerk website.


Click to watch UUMC on My Fox Austin

UMC believes in affordable and sustainable housing for everyone in Austin. To help ensure Austin can continue to work towards a city where all are housed, we’re working hard to help the Keep Austin Affordable Campaign. KAA is running a campaign to ensure all Austinites are educated on the bond that will be up for vote on November 5th. The bond will provide Austin with the millions of dollars needed for affordable, sustainable housing without raising any taxes. You can read more about how this works at the KAA site.

Contact Mary Ann at with any questions!




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