The Judicial Council Responds to SWTX Ordination Case

bodThe Judicial Council ruled this weekend that Bishop Jim Dorff’s decision in July regarding my ordination case is officially reversed. He originally stated that the appeal to him as Bishop about my removal from the process was “moot and hypothetical.” The Judicial Council declared such a ruling to be insufficient. The Bishop will now have 60 days (from 10/27) to make a ruling on the original question which was whether or not I, as a certified candidate, could be removed from the ordination process by the Board of Ordained Ministry without an interview by them.

I am grateful that the Judicial Council recognized the need for a direct conclusion from our local Bishop about the breaking of polity at our Annual Conference. I also hope this helps to keep the much needed conversation flowing across our conference as we await his decision.
My official response via RMN can be found here . Feel free to e-mail me at mabarclay@uumc.org with any questions. Thanks for your ongoing support, UUMC!


One thought on “The Judicial Council Responds to SWTX Ordination Case

  1. This is very good news and I do enjoy hearing what is happening at UUMC. Blessings on all of you.

    Posted by Fay H. Woolrich | October 30, 2013, 5:58 pm

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