Links that Matter – Weekly Update

Like many at UUMC, I’m a news/article junky. I love reading blogs and online journals and newspapers. I love being stretched by voices that are different than my own and empowered by voices or stories that are too often hard to find in mainstream media. Starting this week, I’m compiling a few of the most intriguing, inspiring, or challenging articles I’ve read in the last seven days, in hopes others can glean from their voices as well. I may or may not agree with everything in each article, but at minimum, I’ve found of a nugget of truth worth sharing. Feel free to add to the list in the comments!

Homesless Youth in Focus
Occupy Wall Street activists buy $15m of Americans’ personal debt
How Feminism Hurts Men
Transgender Day of Remembrance: 238 Trans People, at least, Murdered worldwide this year
12 Reasons Why Being a Male Pastor is Better
The Sufi Frida Kahlo
Is This the Best Humanity Can Do for the Philipines?
Growing Clamor about Inequalities of Climate Crisis

In United Methodist News:

No, United Methodists, You cannot Have it Both Ways
Council of Bishops requests complaint to be filed against Talbert
Methodist Church prepares to try pastor who performed marriage for gay men
Rev. Pamela Lightsey shares about co-officiating Mary Ann & Annanda’s Wedding
Austin shout-out from Amy Delong & Julie Todd
Council of Bishop declare moratorium on all online sacraments

And one just for fun:
10 Beautiful Photos of Older People Looking at Younger Reflections of Themselves


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