Links that Matter – 11/26


Like many at UUMC, I’m a news/article junky. I love reading blogs and online journals and newspapers. I love being stretched by voices that are different than my own and empowered by voices or stories that are too often hard to find in mainstream media. Each week, I’m compiling a few of the most intriguing, inspiring, or challenging articles I’ve read in the last seven days, in hopes others can glean from their voices as well. I may or may not agree with everything in each article, but at minimum, I’ve found of a nugget of truth worth sharing. Feel free to add to the list in the comments!

The Changing American Family
16 people on things they couldn’t believe about America until they moved here
What we talk about when we talk about black unwed mothers
On use of the word “queer”
Pope Francis calls for renewal of Catholic Church
Groundbreaking Report Looks at Challenges LGBTQ Workers of Color Face
Where is the Million Hoodie March for Renisha McBride?

In United Methodist News:

This act of witness led to this discussion among church leaders.
The Methodists, slavery, and homosexuality: is history repeating itself?
Schaefer says he does not blame others for his trial
Methodist clergy push for immigration overhaul
“Reasons I stay” blogs on RMN

And one just for fun:
A pep talk from Kid President



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