Links that Matter – 12/16

News Media & Blogslink

At least 194 Children shot to death since Newton
How not to talk to your kids
11 Pro-Choice successes of 2013
Paintless Landscapes
Race, economics, and LGBTQ intersections on Food stamps
TX Voter ID Problem

UMC News
Bishop rules lesbian clergy candidate can stay on ordination track
Mary Ann Barclay deserves better
Rev. Frank Schaefer explains his penalty decision
A local letter of divestment
Two lesbian clergy in the UMC get married in a UMC by their District Superintendent

 And one just for fun

The 30 greatest photobombs of 2013

– Like many at UUMC, I’m a news/article junky. I love reading blogs and online journals and newspapers. I love being stretched by voices that are different than my own and empowered by voices or stories that are too often hard to find in mainstream media. Each week, I’m compiling a few of the most intriguing, inspiring, or challenging articles I’ve read in the last seven days, in hopes others can glean from their voices as well. I may or may not agree with everything in each article, but at minimum, I’ve found of a nugget of truth worth sharing. Feel free to add to the list in the comments! – Mary Ann, Justice Associate



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