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Social Media for Your Organization

      Is your organization looking to upgrade your social media presence? A professor at St. Ed’s is looking to find small organizations that would like free training from his students as a class assignment.

Would your organization like a free social media training session?


This spring semester, I’ll again be teaching my social media class and I am looking for groups or organizations in the Austin area that would be interested in having my students develop a free social media training session for them! This class is a service-learning course which allows students to gain valuable hands-on communication experience while simultaneously helping out a local group/organization.

A brief intro to the class: As part of the class, students will be required to organize a 75 minute training session and training materials for a local group/organization. At the beginning of the semester students will meet with representatives from the organization to find out more about the organization and to determine what area of social media the organization would like to learn more about. Based on their interactions with their “client”, they then develop a comprehensive training session tailored to their client’s needs. At the end of the semester, students host a free 75 minute training workshop for the organization/group they chose to work with.

If you are interested in working with our class on this exciting project, or if you know of a local organization that could use our services, please contact me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Approximate schedule:

  • January/early February: Students meet with their organization/group to determine the focus of the training session.
  • Mid to late April: Students host the training session and deliver the training materials they developed throughout the semester.”

– See more at: http://academic.stedwards.edu/socialmedia/#sthash.7MuetRoj.dpuf



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