Outside of UUMC Community Events, United Methodist Women

UMW & Other UMC Leaders to Engage in Presidents Day Prophetic Action

ice247“United Methodist Women national leaders will join with United Methodist leaders of the United Methodist Church Task Force on Immigration, Church World Service, and immigrant day laborers of the National Day Laborer’s Organizing Network (NDLON) for a President’s Day prayer vigil and civil disobedience at the White House on February 17, 2014. The call is for President Obama to immediately end all detentions and deportations that divide families and criminalize migrants. This is an action the president can take regardless of the outcome of immigration reform debates in Congress.”

To read more about why they’re taking this action, visit here.

United Methodist Church Position

The Book of Resolutions of The United Methodist Church, 2012, proclaims that, “In the face of these unjust laws and the systematic deportation of migrants instituted by the Department of Homeland Security, God’s people must stand in solidarity with the migrants in our midst…. Due to these raids and the ensuing indefinite detentions and deportations that follow them, families have been ripped apart and the migrant community has been forced to live in a constant state of fear…. To refuse to welcome migrants to this country—and to stand by in silence while families are separated, individual freedoms are ignored, and the migrant community in the United States is demonized by members of Congress and the media—is complicity to sin.” United Methodists are urged to “call on the United States government to immediately cease all arrests, detainment, and deportations of undocumented immigrants, including children, solely based upon their immigration status until a fair and comprehensive immigration reform is passed.” (“Welcoming the Migrant to the U.S.,” The Book of Resolutions, 2012, #3281)



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