Austin Interfaith, Outside of UUMC Community Events

Austin Interfaith Hosting Civic Academy

aiAustin Interfaith believes power comes in two forms: organized people, and organized money. This fact remains unchanged, but the nature of power in Austin has changed.

 For generations Austin has been governed by an at-large system of government. Voter turnout of less than 5% allowed a small minority of people to determine the policies made at City Hall. This year, elections will change, Austin city council members will be elected by districts, which means where you live, and the voting patterns of your neighborhood make a big difference in who will be elected. It also means that although in the past you had the ability to vote for all the council seats, now you will only be able to directly vote for the representative of your district, and the mayor. Being a part of a city-wide organization active in multiple districts is a key way to ensure the priorities of you and your family are important to a majority of council members, and not just the representative of your district.
Understanding the changing nature of power in Austin is important, so Austin Interfaith is hosting a Civic Academy on Power and Organizing in Districts
Saturday: February, 22nd 10am-1pm – First Unitarian Universalist Church (4700 Grover Blvd, Austin, TX 78756) 
Come and learn about the new districts, their voting patterns, what it will take to make a difference in the election, and how we can work together to continue building the power in Austin to “make justice roll down like water” (Amos 5:24).

Please RSVP to: Kurt Cadena-Mitchell at, or 512-786-5388


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