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Kairos Prison Ministry Cookies Needed

Wednesday, April 30th

Once again it’s time for the Kairos Prison Ministry team go to the Bartlett Unit in Bartlett, TX. Twice annually, in the Spring and Fall, the Kairos team goes into this high security unit to bring the message of Jesus’ love to our incarcerated brothers. On the next Kairos weekend, which will commence on May 1st., UUMC will be represented on the team by Willie Johnson. In the past, UUMC has graciously supported Kairos with our prayers, letters of encouragement, placemats from our children, financial gifts and of course homemade cookies. We pray that you will continue to do so.

Homemade cookies are the most effective and eagerly awaited single item in the Kairos arsenal. They are a tangible expression of Christian love and an indication of God’s concern to a group of people who seldom encounter either in the course of their daily lives. YOUR loving sacrifice will provide the “Bread” that will shine the Light of God’s Grace into the darkest corners in the prison. The cookies will go to each member of the prison population – inmates and employees. Each Kairos team is responsible for providing 3000 dozen homemade cookies for the Kairos weekend. Those of you who cannot be team members are, indeed, a most valuable and appreciated part of this ministry. Your cookies cannot be purchased anywhere at any price. Please deliver your cookies to the church office or contact Willie Johnson (512-799-1362) or email williehj1963@yahoo.com prior to end of day Wednesday, April 30th. download (9)


Cookie Preparation

Currently we are accepting all kinds of cookies, as long as they are baked with prayer. Cookies should be between 2 inches and 2 1/2 inches in diameter and not more than 1/2 inch thick. The Key Ingredient: Prayer
Pray individually or as a family over the ingredients before and during mixing and as you drop them onto the cookie sheet and bake them. Ask God to use your cookies as a source of His love to shine on the prisoners and staff on the Kairos weekend.

Packing the Cookies
Bag the “cooled” cookies in quart-sized Zip Lock bags, a dozen to a bag. Please do not use the type of bags that use ‘slides’ as these can be used to jam door locks and will not be allowed in the prison. IF you wish you may freeze all the bags of cookies. May God bless your gift of baking!



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