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UUMC Supports Compassionate & Just Treatment of Refugee Children

The following is a letter that was signed by 143 members of the UUMC congregation and sent to President Obama, US Senators Cornyn and Cruz, and to seven Central Texas US Representatives: McCaul, Flores, Smith, Williams, Farenthold, Carter, and Doggett.

August 30, 2014

Dear Representative Doggett:

Members of our congregation are very concerned about the welfare of the refugee children fleeing Central America. These children undertake this dangerous journey because of the violence and upheaval in their countries. And in the midst of that many are seeking reunification with their families.

As United Methodists we believe we have a moral and legal obligation to respond with compassion to the children who have arrived at the border seeking our protection. We ask you to respond with compassion. Providing due process and access to the justice system are key to the United States’ national character, even in the face of political pressure.

We ask you to do the following:

·      Uphold full due process of law for refugees from Central American seeking refuge in our country. Give them a real chance to make their case for protection under our laws. Do not resort to rushed and summary deportation.

·      Do not weaken the current protections for these refugees guaranteed in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

·      Do not repeal or weaken the unrelated policy of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). That is a good policy that has nothing to do with the children currently fleeing Central America.

Thank you for your public service. We hope and pray we can count upon your leadership in behalf of these refugee children.

Members of University United Methodist Church, Austin TX

 *If you are moved to respond further you may consider sending a letter, calling or emailing one of these politicians.  Below are a few names and numbers for you to reach out to.  Please contact Heather Lee, or Trish Merrill, with questions or for more information.  

Sen. John Cornyn – 512.469.6034,

Sen. Ted Cruz – 512.916.5834,

District 10 Rep. Michael McCaul – 512.473.2357,

District 17 Rep. Bill Flores – 512.373.3378,

District 21 Rep. Lamar Smith – 512.912.7508,

District 25 Rep. Roger Williams – 512.473.8910,

District 35 Rep. Lloyd Doggett – 512.916.5921,

District 27 Rep. Blake Farenthold – 361.884.2222,

District 31 Rep. John Carter – 512.246.1600,

To find your US Representative:

To find your Texas State Senator and Rep:



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