MIssion, Street Stories

UUMC member and artist Sonja Kever launches “Street Stories” project

From UUMC member and artist Sonja Kever:

“After many years of winning awards, painting for galleries and selling my paintings, I began to feel there was a better purpose for the talent God has given me. Consequently, in April, I decided to devote one year of my painting life exclusively to painting 30 oil portraits of homeless people that I have personally interviewed and photographed around the Austin area. (This is the project about which Pastor Elford spoke during his Easter sermon.) The paintings will be donated to a fundraiser/auction in the spring to raise money for organizations that provide services for the homeless and disenfranchised. Today I am announcing the launch of www.streetstories.info, the website that is devoted solely to these paintings. I have completed 18 of my goal of 30 and new ones will be posted as they are finished. The websitstreet storiese will also be a source of events that will feature these paintings. The website itself was created by the generous time and spirit of  UUMC member Aaron Huckabee. I hope you will look upon these paintings with compassion and be moved. Thank you. I would love to hear from you!”



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