Help Wanted: Fig Leaf

 Submitted by: Jane Leifeste


The Fig Leaf is looking for a few good people to help in the running of the store.   We are especially in need of a purchaser.  If you like to shop, this is the job for you and it will take very little of your time.

Following are the job descriptions:


The Fig Leaf Purchaser  is responsible for ordering what is kept in stock for the Fig Leaf store, as the budget allows.  This inventory  typically includes toiletries such as deodorant, soap, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste.  When possible, store inventory includes socks and underwear for men and women but since these items are more expensive, they are not always supplied on a continual basis.

The main vendor used is “Dollar Days,” at dollardays.com.   Before putting through the purchase, the purchaser interacts with the church financial officer and members of the Open Door board.  This is a job that can be done at home on a personal computer and only requires a few hours a month.

Substitute Manager:

A substitute manager would take over on any Saturday a manager is not available and would assume the same duties.  The main job of the manager is to coordinate the volunteers and to assign them to positions within the Men’s Store, the Women’s Store and the attic where the sorting is done.   It is important to give new volunteers a thorough orientation of the operations and explain the rules of the stores.  The manager needs to arrive at 8:30 and is usually through by 11:00.  Substitutes are only called on a very occasional basis and are sometimes needed in the summertime when UT students are gone. You will be trained and will be well supported as you become accustomed to the operations.

Also: The Fig Leaf is always looking for people willing to conduct clothing drives.  A clothing drive can be as small as helping a few friends clean out their closets or as large as a collection in a neighborhood or at a place of business.  We always need clothing and we depend on YOU.

Email Jane Leifeste at leifeste.jane@gmail.com if interested!



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